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Just keep your iPhone in your pocket.
DockPhone lets you make calls right from your Mac.

Your Mac.
Your iPhone.

Starting with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, your Mac and your iPhone perfectly work together. DockPhone for OS X is the missing piece to conveniently use your Mac as your phone.

DockPhone for iOS

With DockPhone for iOS you will be able to select a contact or type a phone number on the Mac and make the actual call on your iPhone.

Note: You need to have configured both your Mac and your iPhone to use Continuity. Please visit for more information on how to update to OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 or higher.

Including VoiceDial

Just dictate who you want to call.

VoiceDial means to dictate the name of the contact you want to call.

With DockPhone, manually typing out a phone number is over. Just dictate the name of the contact, or the individual digits which you want to call. It's that simple.

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Technical Requirements

  • iPhone with iOS 8 or later,
  • Mac with OS X Yosemite,
  • Both in the same Wifi,
  • Both configured to use the same iCloud account,
  • Wifi calls (iPhone 6 or later) disabled,
  • FaceTime on Mac and iPhone configured to use that iCloud account

Check our Help page for troubleshooting information.

Download DockPhone in the Mac App Store.
Feel free to send us your suggestions to or @DockPhone.

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