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DockPhone lets you make calls right from your Mac via your iPhone's connection. Need email support? You're welcome to write us via:

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DockPhone has a few requirements in order to work. Make sure to meet the following requirements before going on:

Apple's Support Docs

Please check Apple's documentation on how to configure FaceTime on your iPhone and your Mac properly if you are having problems making calls: iOS and OS X: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage.

Known Bugs

These are the currently known bugs of DockPhone:

“This beta version has expired”

We messed it up, and we are deeply sorry.

Please update to the latest version of DockPhone via the Updates page in the Mac App Store. The update not only fixes the Beta warning, but also adds several new features!

This is what happened: Before you release an application to the public on the Mac App Store, you usually test it with a smaller group of people who like testing so called 'beta' software before everyone else can get in touch with it. This phase is crucial for the quality of the application.

As the developer, you need to stay in control over the lifecycle of these beta versions of your application. One technique is to let the app expire after a certain period of time. So we kept improving DockPhone and added more features for the final release.

And then we forgot to remove the expiration mechanism.

This is probably the biggest of our failures ever. But we account for it and are here for help. This is our strategy:

Update to version 1.1 without re-buying the app

If the Mac App Store is showing this warning while trying to update to our latest version of DockPhone, this is how to download the update for free:
You either simply click Buy to start the download, or you head over to the Purchases section of the Mac App Store and search for the DockPhone item to re-download the app freshly from the Mac App Store. Your account will NOT be debited again for the download, since you have already bought it from the the Mac App Store before.

If the Mac App Store is showing this warning while trying to update to our latest version of DockPhone, simply follow the mentioned advice and remove all versions of DockPhone from your Mac. Therefore, search in Spotlight (Press CMD + ,) for "DockPhone". For each of the app search results, double-click the DockPhone list item on the list side while keeping pressed CMD on your keyboard. This will open up Finder with the location of that DockPhone app file, from where you can remove it by dragging it to your Trash. Empty your Trash (if it is safe to remove the contained files).


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